Destination: Orgasm Central


For some women, it is not the destination, Orgasm Central, but the journey (arousal, foreplay, intimacy) which is most exciting. There is a considerable number of women can’t reach orgasm from penis-in-vagina intercourse alone – So what other mode of transport do we have at our disposal to get her to Orgasm Central? If I am going to get my lady to Orgasm Central without using the penis, I must up my game. With the use of warm ‘magic’ fingers, and a hot ‘n’ wet slippery tongue, I gently move forward towards the all-important pubis, clitoris and vagina area – We are in 1st gear.

The route to take is of course the Clitoral Stimulation one – so I set the GPS for this direction – ignoring the ‘fastest route’ option – I slowly make my way down the road. I would recommend to move ‘gently and consistently’, rather than ‘rough and choppy’ – we are now in 2nd gear!

How do we know we have taken the right road? Well she becomes more aroused, her clitoris becomes larger, and goes through a number of changes, these changes are useful SIGNS for us to follow – And those signs again? Breathing faster, clenching fists, loud whimpers, and SCREAMING – Is she hurt? Not a chance, she is now very warm and wet, and we are well and truly on the way down the Clitoral Stimulation road. Remember this is just as much a mental state as it is a physical one. The fact that I told her beforehand that I was about to “eat out her pussy hard” probably gave her the all-important clue as to the direction I intended taking her! – We move up into 3rd gear!

The temperature has risen dramatically in the last 15 minutes. Warm and wet, my tongue has now saturated the outer lips. A tip I learned along the way was to place your hand facing upwards, so that your finger can caress the front wall of her vagina, at the famous “G-spot.” I do this while continuing clitoral stimulation with my tongue. I then slightly and gradually increase the pressure of my fingers following the same rhythm with my tongue (yes, its hard work – but I love this job!) – We are in 4th gear!

‘I can see the lights from here’ – More signs, she now shouting hysterically, first it’s ‘Nooo’ then it’s ‘Yesss’, then ‘Jesus’ gets a mention (she might be Catholic?) –I push the gear stick into 5th – I slam my tongue to her clit and go in hard. It’s not often I get to growl like a bear, so I take this opportunity. She trembles – I growl louder – she screams ‘Jesus’ again followed by a ‘Fuck’ ….then together ‘Jesus Fuck’ as she grips the sheets of the bed for dear life – I slam my mouth to cover her ‘hot spot’ (the clitoris) and suck it gently while stimulating with my tongue (remember the call – Eating her pussy hard). With one final loud scream she collapses in a heap on the bed, panting, and breathing hard, is she crying? Maybe crying with joy perhaps, because she has just made it to Orgasm Central.
I hold her tightly as she drifts off, now lifeless like, she sleeps!


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