Dating Fallacy

So you are into spanking are you? Good luck with that one my boy! – My female doctor joked about the use of Plenty of Fish dating site. This followed my answers to her pre-blood test questions;

“Do you drink?”


“Do you smoke?”


“Are you Married?”


Then the conversation turned from business-like to an outburst of laughing …I’ve no idea why at that moment both Doctor and I found the process so funny. She went from professional to a blushing teenager in seconds. Why can’t all Doctor visits be this way.

While the results of my blood tests proved that I am in good shape, the mention of dating sites got me interested (only a little bit). The kinky boy that I am is not comfortable on ‘vanilla’ styled dating websites for many reasons.

I have nothing against ‘Vanilla’ women per say, however I do have the scars of a broken marriage that somewhat tarnished my view of ‘vanilla’ women. What do they have to offer me? Is it possible for a kinky person to settle with a ‘vanilla’ person?

We are told that there are ‘so many opportunities’ to find romance in this new world of online dating. My researching the latest sites;,,,,,,, – I am still not convinced – I may not be giving them a chance but that’s my gut feeling.

I have met friends and play partners over the years by attending local ‘munches’ and events around Ireland. Yes this is the best way to meet people. However, the community in Ireland is undeniably small. Why is that?

It is a fair to say that human sexuality is a very complicated thing. My sexuality is deeply connected with spanking/domination – lets face it  – society is still not comfortable with most fetishes never mind my own!. While I am gone beyond the point of feeling any ‘shame or guilt’ about what it is that turns me on – I still don’t feel the freedom I would like to live and have the relationships I would like to.


For those among you who may be hiding your passion for high heels and stockings, or your obsession with feet and toes, large breasts or even the desire to be a cuckold. That is a sad place to be, I know this because I was once in that same place. Is going online dating sites going to help you out of this?




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