Don’t Overestimate Your Relationships

IMG_20160829_115301One should never overestimate one’s chances for success in their relationships. As I walked along the narrow paths that weave and bend through Glasnevin cemetary I stopped at the grave of ‘William and Rosemarie’ – They lay together – he since 1912 – she since 1919.

Was William happy in life? Was he happy to be married to Rosemarie? Did he have a ‘wandering eye’? Was he into Spanking just as I? Was Rosemarie bi-sexual? Was she polyamorous?

I’m curious as to the stories of all the 1.5 million people buried at Glasnevin. So many lives, so many stories. How many were Gay?, Kinky?, Sexually Satisfied?, Sexually Unsatisfied?

This information you will not find engraved on any tombstone at Glasnevin. Instead we are provided with the ‘loving husband’, ‘loving mother’ etc etc. 1.5 million different people with 1.5 million different truths, truths we will probably never know.

What would you like to see on your tombstone? Here lies x, he/she lived a good life, good to family, good to friends, a ‘nice’ person. Sexually unsatisfied. In fact – didnt have sex for years. Had a fetish for spanking, however never spanked a soul – would have liked to – but was far too busy being a ‘nice’ person.

If you are a nice man/woman in a bad relationship, you are a nice man/woman in a bad relationship, no matter what angle you look at it. You are probably unhappy – unsatisfied – full of regrets.

…Now picture yourself in the next grave to William and Rosemarie…


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