Write Boy Write

So there I was with all these good intentions to write once more as I had done in the past. Once a blogger always a blogger. There are hundreds of different reasons that have kept me away from writing here on “I am Sapien’ – but there lies the challenge for me.

Write Boy Write!!

It shouldn’t really matter about the (lack of) quality…but at least provide something that can be reviewed and criticised. More effort Mr Marks.!

Should this blog detail my actual spanking playdates?  – or maybe my fantasised spanking playdates – I am not sure what direction to go with it – but sure isn’t that part of the fun – Spanking play is no longer a taboo subject wouldn’t you agree?

Tonight I stayed in – which is not what the original plan was – ‘Libertine’ is on tonight (Dublin Fetish Night) –  and today was the ‘Whipping Workshop’ – expected to attend both events however I am a wee bit burnt out this weekend.

I am instead writing – after doing some reading – My reading was provided at Jo’s spanking blog – her posting “When I first Discovered I had this need”. I liked it because I identified with it. I understand Jo’s ‘need’.

I promise today – that in the future to write a blog posting on when I myself first discovered I had a need to discipline and spank. I must not rush into it because it is a personal feeling of mine that will take me some time to write – considering my weak writing skills – It will take a while.

The question of ‘when did you know you were into spanking’ is quite a popular question in the bdsm community – it is kind of ‘ice-breaker’ question of sorts – but a very credible question nonetheless.

Answer coming soon!


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