Girl Power

IMG_20170421_164329Spice Girls said it – so it must be true! – International Women’s Day came and went – How did you feel about it ladies? – Social media certainly latched on to it – as I have today 🙂

Back-slapping – free for all screaming – ‘women are great’ type announcements – my fetish for girls was there before my very eyes on a constant live feed throughout the day.

So overblown by it all – I wanted to dish out free spankings to every woman I came in contact with on the day itself. The 25 or so ladies I passed in the office canteen scoffing ‘International Women’s Day’ celebratory cupcakes! – Yes Ladies – Mr Marks looked – he smiled and said ‘enjoy’ – but he would have rather stayed and put each and every one of you in turn over his knee for his kind of celebration of womankind! …just saying!


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