Return to the Dating Fallacy

A return of sorts to last months posting “Dating Fallacy“. I led by other commentators that when looking to date a like minded person online is the way to go. Would you agree?

Most people in Ireland don’t trust online-only media. The word ‘online’ is still stigmatised where real people and real stories are concerned. There are a lot of Irish people who don’t believe in anything much anymore. And as we all know, people who believe in nothing, will believe in anything.

Do I believe in anything? No I don’t. The older I get the more I am sure of the things I don’t believe in. The law enforcement employees of the state of Ireland are one of those. I want to believe in them so much – I mean I really need them to be the good guys 24/7 – But again like online stories and online-media the latest happenings in the poloice force here in Ireland fabricationg figures in their systems so to make them look good – and more importantly for them – get paid bonuses that we agreed to give them for their good work.

By typing here – I am sharing thoughts – my thoughts – are they to be believed? When writing or posting – or commenting on others writings – are we being impeccable with our words?

“Get 3 days Premium access for €1.00″ – This message sent to me by a website ran by – Infinite Connections Inc. / 865 SW 78th Ave STE A100, Plantation, 33324 FL, US. These people have informed me ” Upgrading to a premium membership will allow you to send unlimited messages, view photos and videos, and much more!” – Why should I believe them? – Would you believe them?

They go on to tell me “For your convenience, your trial membership will auto renew at 37,99 € every 30 days until cancelled. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support.” – For my convienience is it?

I am posting these few words today – half in the hope – that someone/or some people would share any truths about these ‘Dating Websites’.

Is Online really the way to go?


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