The Losing Count Game

IMG_20160727_155329Return to Destination Orgasm posting. Yes this was inspired by an actual relationship – A very recent one at that – And God willing there will be more trips to this destination in the future.

Orgasm’s are better than any alcohol or drugs. They are simply fantastic.

I mention this today because I don’t want to confuse things with my postings of discipline, corporal punishment, whipping, caning, dominating etc – I am also a very passionate giving soul when it comes to giving orgasms. In fact – I give lots and lots of them to ladies I am very attracted to.

The Losing Count Game – This is the humourous name I have given to my actions when I play with a beautiful 27-year-old lady with whom I was fortunate to meet last year on my travels. She simply loses count of the number of times she orgasms when we play together on an overnight playdate.

And she in return knows how to please Mr Marks – No doubt about that!

How many times did you orgasm on your last date?  …what? ..can’t remember?

Good Girl!


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