A Note About Staying in for a while…

IMG_4074 (2)BDSM in Ireland is a very private affair for the majority. I base this of the back of the numbers of BDSM people attending local events for the past 15 years. This fact I would expect to cause issue for those of us who harbour thoughts of finding the right person to build a meaningful relationship with a BDSM dynamic.

Over these past 15 years I have drifted in and out of the scene. The reason for this aligns itself with my appetite for BDSM. This past week I have lost my appetite.

Today I have begun to read a few blogs on wordpress that are helping my understanding of BDSM relationships that work out (Nice to know this is a possible outcome for some). However, from the five I have read I am not completely convinced it is possible for myself. At 50, now separated, there is what has been described as baggage to carry. Don’t we all have baggage of some sort to carry?

The blogs I have read are all telling little stories. They are useful in many ways. We all have our own truths, thoughts and ways of expression. I will be staying in for a while, and while I am indoors – I hope to write – the good thoughts – and some of the bad thoughts – and maybe some of those ‘dirty thoughts’ đŸ™‚



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