No Opinion

If I was to think about things that would upset me…

Perhaps other fetish-people branding me a predator or something else unsavoury…

Or-maybe mistakes with other people who I have made that never came to my attention…

Or maybe my lotto numbers coming up as winning numbers in the week I was away and failed to enter the draw!

How am I supposed to feel?

NOTHING – I don’t have a reaction, nor do I have an opinion on these things… And why is this?  Simply because I don’t know about them!

What this proves to me is – that it is possible to hold NO OPINION about a negative thing. I kind of like that power. Having no opinion about a lot of things is something I have practiced for some time now, and this approach has served me well.

This all began by accident really, but when I discovered that by having no opinion on some things – they would not bother me.

I would recommend others to practice the art of having absolutely no thoughts about something (specifically things that would normally antagonise) – Instead act as if you had no idea it ever occurred – or that you never heard of it before. Let it become irrelevant or nonexistent to you. It will be a lot less powerful this way!

So what do you think of my ‘no opinion’ beliefs….

Nothing is the correct answer …you should have no opinion!


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